Quality control

ISO9001 Principles As Guidelines

As a factory certified to ISO9001, we integrate quality management deeply into our manufacturing process to ensure that our clients get products with consistent quality.≈

From raw material inspection, assembly to semi & final product test, the whole process is strictly managed with ISO9001 principles as our guidelines.

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Management System

Our ERP software integrates all facets of operations including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing — in a single database.

Materials for every order are recorded in the system for accurate & orderly production. Any errors can be traced in the software, allowing us to execute your orders in an error-free & efficient manner.

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6S Workplace Organization

Quality products come from nowhere but an organized workplace.

By following the 6S organizing principles, we're able to maintain a dustless, ordered and safe workplace which helps reduce errors & quality issues. This makes the whole manufacturing process more efficient & productive.

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PDCA Approach

Plan-Do-Check-Act (or PDCA) is one of our approach toward total quality management.

At SSLUCE, quality check for each manufacturing step is performed every 2 hours to detect potential problems.

In case of any issues, our QC staff will find the root cause (Plan), implement the selected solution (Do), understand what works (Check) and standardize the solution (Act) to improve the whole manufacturing process to reduce future problems.