Smart City Street Pole

What is Smart City?

The smart city concept is come from the smart earth concept which is raised by IBM company at 200& It is the combi nation of digital city and loT, considered as the city development direction in the information age and the trend of civilization development In nature, it is to push the city operation system become connected, efficient and intelligent with the modern information technology.

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The status & challenge of Smart Cities

With the development of loL smart control technology and the mode of ^Internet plus” , the demand for street lighting transformation is not only limited the simple replacement of LED street light, but also need a smart street lighting transformation solution. Currently; the intelligent management and control scheme has been applied maturely, however the add-on video surveillance and Wi-Fi hot spots are still at the stage of experimentation and demonstration. The reason for this is every new Smart street lights are required to import optical fiber as the communication infrastructure and this leads to the problem of unable to build the services on existing installed ordinary streetlight due to high cost and limitation on road work, etc..

Smart City Solutions

In response to the development of intelligent streetlight, C-Lux can make smart street pole integrated with street light,Security,5G Base Station,Wifi Hot Spot,Environmental Monitoring,Display Screen,SOS,E-charge.

Here we can provide:


Smart street Pole can be configured on demand and intelligently integrated with Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

The smart poles are important public infrastructures which are located in every corner of the city. They provide comprehensive coverage of the city's geographical location and self-connected power resources. They are the best carrier for the layout of the inter-connectivity city's Internet of Things and an excellent platform for serving inhabitant.

The smart street light pole developed by C-Lux includes these functions together: streetlight, wireless city(Wifi + 5G + loT), video surveillance, environmental monitoring, SOS, information interaction, intelligent broadcasting and E-charger. It can realize the various applications like smart lighting, smart environment, smart living, wireless city, smart municipal and smart transportation. It is the important carrier to realize smart city.

smart city street pole

Product Portfolio

With a wide series of products including LED street pole, sensors, street lighting controller,cloud-Box controller for street pole,C-Lux provides the flexibility to select the products you want and handle any on-site challenges with ease. Please visit detail