While our standard smart lighting solutions are engineered for performance and designed for customer satisfaction, We regularly receive requests for a bespoke touch or a more unique solution. C-Lux Team comes into play to deliver a customized solution that fulfills customer expectations and environmental specifications.

With more than ten years of experience in the lighting industry, and with the cooperation of the upstream and downstream supply chain, C-Lux has the ability to provide customers with a full range of OEM&ODM custom development services, from hardware development including product research, design, mold development, electronic development and design, to software development, custom development of software systems and interfacing of each system.

As to Hardware of smart lighting,
C-Lux team delivers design of appearance and constructions,materials selection and testing, it will provide assure of products beauty,well heat-dissipation,etc

As to Electronic of smart lighting,
C-Lux team delivers PCB design and developing,function customization, IC model special selection,IC function program developing.etc

As to App and H5 CMS of smart lighting,
C-Lux team provide App SDK or Open API for integration.Even C-Lux team and supply chain can help customer to program firmware,app customization,H5 CMS develop,as well as local server building,3th-parth cloud integration.

After of all,C-Lux provide our customers with customized products with hard and soft quality assurance to meet their relevant special needs after rigorous testing in all aspects.

OEM&ODM service procedure

OEM&ODM service procedure