Smart Street Light

C-Lux provides a complete smart lighting solution that creates a network over a city's power line by uses GRPS 4G LTE,Lora-wan, NB-Iot, Zigbee, Bluetooth Mesh wireless channel. Even if there is noise on some channels, redundancy with the other channels enables error free data transmission. This wireless channel solution lays the foundation for a network to be implemented via the streetlight and power line infrastructure. This sustainable intelligent lighting network helps people build an efficient and dynamic, resource-efficient platform, realize remote management of lighting, intelligent control, improve the safety convenience and comfort of lighting systems, and achieve an environment-friendly and energy-saving environment.

Smart street light solution overview

smart street light solution


Alarm & Event
Useful function of SCCS,
which will record all the
alarms happened to device and
network. The trigger logic
and threshold is
customizable. All alarm info
can be sent to specified
people via SMS, mail and APP.

Based on Google Maps, you
can see all the deivces
vividly with actual
location and real time
status. Also you can
manually control and
configure all devices
directly on Gis.


Used to manage all the users,
projects and basic variables,
All the settings and
configurations are to be done

Energy Report
With proper strategy, the
device will report its real
time status and parameters
to scCs on a fixed
interval. The system will
calculate the total energy
consumed and saved on a
daily montly, yearly basis.

Function of lighting will have the following through setting of lighting operation strategy in system.

1) Dimming in different time automatically      2)Controlled by group and time.

smart street light dimming and timming

Why we need smart led street lighting for city?

Smart IoT street light can bring us

intelligent street light energy savings

According with our case experience,Our intelligent street light can achieve the desired effective of energy saving as the following:

►Maximum reduce 47% power consumption

► Reduce energy cost per street light yearly: 0.14USD(tariff)X1.8X47%X365=43USD

►Reduce90% of maintenance costs

► Return on investment less than 2 years.

Product Portfolio

With a wide series of products including LED luminaries, sensors, street lighting controller,C-Lux provides the flexibility to select the products you want and handle any on-site challenges with ease. Please visit detail