Smart Classroom Lighting

Why We Need Smart Classroom Light?

The problem of myopia among worldwide students is becoming more and more serious, which has affected the overall national physical quality. One of the main causes of myopia among students is poor classroom lighting.

student myopia among

Based on the current situation of classroom lighting, and combined with the relevant classroom lighting standards, C-Lux developed the education lighting luminaries, which solves the problems of insufficient illumination, low uniformity, glare, flash, low CRI, etc., and can effectively improve the classroom lighting environment and avoid students' myopia. With C-Lux intelligent control system, the whole lighting system becomes more energy-saving and intelligent,much better for eye-experience.

smart classroom lighting

What Does C-Lux Smart Classroom Light Bring Us? 

The illumination is up to standard

The luminaries use high quality LED chip, high efficiency LED driver, coupled with professional optical design, so that the light output and efficacy of the luminaries is high, can meet the desktop and blackboard illumination to meet the national standards.

Full spectrum design CRI>95

After in-depth study of the color rendering index and spectrum, the full spectrum design of the luminiares is carried out. The spectrum is close to the sunlight, and the color rendering index is as high as 95, which can restore the original color of the object well and effectively reduce the fatigue of the eyes

smart classroom lighting feature

No flicker

Professional design of a dedicated LED driver, ripple current low, current output stability, so that the light stroboscopic (or call wave depth) less than 1%, better than the national standard. Let the students do not feel eye strain.

 No glare


Through professional optical design (such as grille, lens, etc.), the glare value of the luminaries is reduced, UGR<16, reaching the national standard, so that the human eye can not feel the glare of the light.

What is C-Lux smart classroom light system?

C-Lux smart education lighting system solutions improve the campus management system effectively by using the IoT technology to achieve the overall intelligent control of the campus environment. At the present stage, artificial control is used to manage campus lighting, which is easy to cause resource waste. This scheme can be improved from artificial mode to intelligent control mode to save energy and reduce consumption, and provide a comfortable lighting environment for teachers and students.

How To Initial Set?

1.Record the ID and corresponding position of each power supply during installation.

2.Bind and group the corresponding power supply ID through the manufacturer's special software.

3.Set the scene on site through the special software of the manufacturer, or preset before outgoing.

Future and Advantage:

1. Each device is coded independently to realize single lamp control and group control.

2. Support scene and group control, complete scene adjustment with one key;

3. Support multi-sensor extension, can achieve constant illumination control and achieve human sensor control;

4. It supports the expansion of smart campus system, which can realize the centralized control and monitoring at                         the university level.

5.All control signals is wireless transmission with stability and anti-interference;

6. It can be controlled on PC /Pad/ mobile phone terminal, and supports iOS/Android/Windows applications;

7. No traditional complicated wiring, save wiring materials and labor cost, simple, convenient and easy to install, easy to maintain;

Three Control Schemes

1.Local Control Scheme (This scheme can easily and quickly set the required lighting scene)


2.LAN Control Scheme (This scheme facilitates the unified management of the school)

smart classroom controlled by school
  1. 3.Remote Control Scheme (This scheme facilitates the overall monitoring of education bureau)
smart classroom lighting controlled by education bureou

Smart Education Lighting System Scene Application

C-Lux smart education lighting system solutions contain preset the six standard scenes according to the technical specification for primary and secondary school classroom lighting rules. Adjust the matching spectrum which is more suitable for the human eyes, physiological and psychological health in the light of different usage scenarios. Play a role of protecting students' vision, improve the learning efficiency and create a good and comfortable lighting environment for health education for teachers and students.

smart classroom lighting local scene switch panel
Scene mode Ratio of the light Annotation
Class model  Desk illumination intensity:300lx Classroom lights:ONBlackboardillumination  intensity:500lx Blackboard lights:ON  For daily use in class, it provides standard illumination and color temperature environment close to daylight.
Self-study mode Desk illumination intensity:300lx Classroom lights:ONBlackboard illumination intensity:/Blackboard lights:OFF              For use in self-study class, turn off unnecessary blackboard lighting, it can save energy and reduce consumption.
Projection model Desk illumination intensity:0-100lx  Classroom lights:ON Blackboard illumination intensity: /Blackboardlights:OFF   Projector: On                                            Choose to turn off all lights or keep the basic lighting conditions when projection.
Examination mode Desk illumination intensity:300lx Classroom lights:ONBlackboard illumination  intensity:300lx Blackboard lights:ON  Provide close to natural light lighting conditions to meet the examination requirements.
Noon-Rest mode Desk illumination intensity:50lx Classroom lights:ONBlackboard illumination intensity: / Blackboard lights:OFF  during lunch break, reduce illumination, save energy and let students relax to get better rest effect.
Off-school mode All lights:OFF lighting equipment to save energy and reduce consumption.

Product Portfolio

With a wide series of products including LED luminaries, sensors, local switch, and smart power supply, C-Lux provides the flexibility to select the products you want and handle any on-site challenges with ease. Please visit detail