LoRa Gateway for Gen2 smart city street light system

Short Description:

The CGM10 series smart lora gateway is a communication gateway based on the LoRaWAN protocol standard. It is a key node device for building a low-power wide area network. The gateway has full-duplex data forwarding capability, which can meet the requirements for high communication distance and low power consumption. , The network requirements of the terminal equipment with characteristics such as the number of access points, support multiple styles of deployment. It meets the operating temperature of -40°C to 80°C, supports industrial-grade communication equipment working in various harsh environments, and is used for the access of diverse terminals in different scenarios.

► DC 12V-36V wide volt input

► Follow LoRaWan wireless transmission protocol to support transmission and reception of full-duplex LoRa communication

► Support multiple network access methods such as 2G/3G/4G/LAN

► Adaptive data transfer rate

► Output power up to 23 dBm

► Sensitivity dropped to -142.5 dbm

► Support 8 channels of current,the numbers accessible LoRa control node is up to 2000pcs

► The Fastest transmission distance is up to 15km (line distance without obstacle) In city it is about 2-5 km

► Support various operation frequencies such as CN470MHz/US915MHz/EU868MHz

► Effective lightning protection and ground protection

Product Detail

Product Tags

Communication Parameter

Operation Frequencies CN470MHz/US915MHz/EU868MHz
Channels 8125KHz rate adaptive,support for spread factor SF7-SF12
Transmission Power <23dBm
Receive Sensitivity >142.5dBm
Transmission distance 15km line distance without obstacle,2-5km for city
Access Method LAN,2G/3G/4G
Data Protocol UDP/TCP/MOTT
LoRa Antenna T-NC female interface
4G Antenna T-NC female interface

Hardware Parameter

Supplying Power 12V-36V
Power Consumption <1W
Working Temperature -40℃~+80℃
Network/Power Interface RJ45+DC
Waterproof IP66


Weight 2600g
Size 270*270*103mm

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