Why is intelligent lighting so popular?

At present, the use of intelligent lighting control system is being vigorously advocated in China. However, such a control system will be further stimulated. To some extent, according to relevant reports, it is expected that the profit of China's intelligent lighting control system in the market will reach US $8.14 billion by 2020, The compound growth rate of smart street lamps is also showing a significant growth mode. In the face of the upcoming market of intelligent lighting control system, what should enterprises do?

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In the process of the arrival of the intelligent era, the intelligent lighting control system has attracted more and more attention of most friends. Moreover, according to relevant data, the scale of the global intelligent lighting intelligent lighting market can reach US $13 billion in 2020. In such a huge market, understanding the needs of any enterprise is the top priority. At present, Their future also has very different business opportunities.

For example, during the actual operation of the intelligent lighting control system, the terminal in any place can effectively control the lights in different places through intelligent lighting. The terminal in different places can completely install the same light, and there will be a better control system in tablet computers, smart phones, and other smart watches, So that users can control the relevant lighting equipment at any time and place.

Intelligent lighting when the switch of the intelligent lighting system control system turns on the light, the light will slowly turn from dark to bright. When the light is turned off, the light will slowly turn from bright to dark.

Moreover, they can also avoid the stimulation of these brightness changes to the eyes. Similarly, they should also avoid the impact of some large current or high-temperature mutation, so as to better protect the bulb, Make the service life of the whole light source about four times longer than that of the intelligent street lamp. Simple control is carried out through the centralized controller inside, and the keys are also controlled. In this way, it will be better to adjust the brightness of the whole intelligent lamp. Even, soft light will bring some better mood, and less light will bring us more thinking, More light will make the atmosphere more functional and the street lamps more enthusiastic.

From the current situation, during the actual use of the intelligent lighting control system, the management level can be completely improved and the maintenance cost can be reduced. If the building area of the museum is relatively large, the maintenance of employees is also very cumbersome, and the application of this intelligent lighting control system is also a very good smart park, They will turn the artificial switch of ordinary lighting into an intelligent management, and even allow each manager to apply high-quality management to various control systems, and also reduce the maintenance and operation cost of the whole venue.

During the actual use of the intelligent lighting control system, the street lamp controller can be used for better understanding. Under the working state of the whole lighting system, all work according to the preset switch, or the lighting mode such as duty and security. However, such lighting modes, Generally speaking, it can be switched according to the preset time, so such a switching is also very good for a single lamp controller.


In addition, the intelligent lighting control system can better protect the lamps, and it is an energy-saving way. The most fatal reason for the damage of lamps is that the voltage is too high, or the life is reduced due to the high working voltage. In addition, if the lamps are properly reduced, it will also have more impact on the life of the whole working voltage, Moreover, these centralized controllers and intelligent lighting control systems will successfully suppress the impact of the power grid, so that the whole lamps will not be damaged due to the above reasons, and they can use a series of software startup or soft shutdown technology for comprehensive understanding and processing, so as to avoid the thermal impact of these filaments to the greatest extent, So that the service life of the whole lamp can be further extended.

Post time: Mar-25-2022